> EMV Linear way series







Mitsubishi M70, Fanuc Oi-MD, Siemens, Heidenhain


Max. Travel Fox X Axis


Max. Travel Fox Y Axis


Max. Travel Fox Z Axis


Spindle Nose To Table



Table Size


Max. Table Load


T-Slot (Center x width x No.)



Spindle Motor


X / Y / Z Servo Motor


Spindle peed

8000(bt40) rpm

Feed Rate

Tool Shank

BT 40

X Rapid Travel

24 M/min

Y Rapid Travel

24 M/min

Z Rapid Travel

20 M/min

Cutting feed rate


ATC System

Max, Tool Diameter


Tool Q'ty


Max, Tool Length


Max, Tool Weight



Machine Weight


Air Requirement


Power Requirement


The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc., to improve the performances of the machine without notice. All the specifications shown here are forreference only.





The Renishaw ball bar instrument calibrates the circularity and the geometrical accuracy to ensure precise three-dimensional motions.


Simplified magazine construction, safety easy maintains and trouble-free operation.


Work Lamp is well located for operator's set up and measurement


This will help to create perfect working and machine conditions.

To separate oil and coolant, the lubrication oil and the coolant. The coolant quality will last long and the machining quality will be guaranteed

High-pressure pump with its high efficiency to coolant pressure, easily take the chips to the chip auger.

The operator could easy to load/unload tools from spindle to increase the efficient.

The maze design and fully enclosed telescopic cover prevent chips and coolant water from going into Ballscrew and guide way.

M30 function is especially useful for the long processing work-piece M30 is put at the last statement of the NC program when the NC program is complete, the machine can be powered off automatically. There is no need for operator to wait and switch off the power.



The dynamic balancing instrument calibrates the spindle displacement velocity and acceleration of the full speed range.

The innovatine cam drive mechanism results in the unique ATC. The bi-directional tool selection is achieved by PLC software programming. The fast ACT saves non-cutting time. The cam driven tool magazine ensures rotation accuracy, and smooth motion while full tools loading.(Arm type only)

Double chip auger can easily take and screw the chip cart

High speed,high accuracy linear way with zero backlash ensures consistent cutting surface on curve or slope cutting. Suitable for high speed travel and the power requirement is minimized. By using rolling contact in stead of sliding contact linear way reduces friction loss but increases positioning accuracy. The loading capacity is high on multiple direction. Cutting rigidity is high on multiple direction. Cutting rigidity can be ensured. Long service life is guaranteed by its high durability.

The control panel meets the safety requirement and rotates easily for operation. The automatic diagnosis function displays the malfunction on screen for quick troubleshooting. The portable MPG for easing work-piece set up. The pendent arm is designed for easing control panel operation. The touch switch. diagram and text on screen make the operation very convenient.
















Controller Color screen

The fast simple and long-life automatic tool changer provides stable and reliable tool change.(optional)

The fast simple and long-life automatic tool changer provides stable and reliable tool change.(optional)

Spindle oil cooling device is located on the machine which is beneficial because if reduces floor space.

Spindle splash nozzles on the ring surround the spindle. The splash coolant takes away heat from tools and workpiece to increase the cutting accuracy.

Coolant through ballscrew system. The system controls the ballscrew temperature rise through an automatic lubrication unit This enables both cutting accuracy and long operation time.

infrared tools broken detection device. It can inspedt the tool's tiny brake before machining. When tool brake is detected. the device transmits a signature to NC controller to stop the operation. The detection device initiates the beacon's horn to notify the operator.

The spindle is free from thermal effect of main motor. The thermal elongation is reduced and the spindle accuracy and service life can be ensured. The application of spindle oil cooling system can increase the spindle accuracy. The spindle is directly coupled to main motor. No belt or gear is used. The noise, backlash and vibration effects are dramatically reduced. The transmission efficiency is increased due to the direct rotation by the main motor.

The voltage 380, 415 is available for user's local regulation. The transformer is located on the machine. It saves floor space. The wiring and protection meets CE standard

Equipped with the 4th axis table. the machine can execute the multi dimensional cutting to reduce loading/unloading time of the work-piece. The indexing capability is especially suitable for screw cutting or any kind of complicated machining.

Automatic voltage stabilizer: Input voltage
Available: 110/220/380V, frequency 50/60HZ. The output voltage is stable within+/-1%. The oberload protection is as standard. The low/high voltage and overshoot protection is as standard. The system has the capability of power-off delay while sudden power trip. The 30% phase deviation can be smoothed within2%.

Disc oil/coolant separator. This unit is easily installed and is an optimal space saver. The unit efficiently separates the oil from the coolant tank. The coolant quality, life and workpiece accuracy will be increased.


Safety door interlock, unless the door closed, the programmed operation will not begin. This ensures the operator's safety. Opening the door during machining will cause an emergency stop.

High precision linear scale:The X/Y/Z axis can be equipped with linear scale. This measures and compensates thermal effects of the machine, resulting in high accuracy machining. The linear scale utilizes air sealing that prevents particle and oil mist contamination. The service life of the scale can be guaranteed.


Programmable cooling nozzle can be easily cintrolled and adjusted by NC M-code, The nozzle Position automatically corresponds to each tool. Due to its step-less orientation capability,the programmable cooling nozzle directly points to the tool end.


Convenient & simple and easy to use tool stand including tool-locked device.







1. Chip auger

11. M30 auto power off

2. Full enclosed guard

12. Portable flush gun

3. Spindle air seal system

13. Floating draw bar mechanism(BT-40)

4. Auto lubrication system

14. Tool box

5. Leveling bolt & screws

15. Rigid Tapping

6. 3 axes telescopic covers

16. Mechanical/Electrical operation manual

7. Rs-232 transmission

17. Electric box heat exchanger

8. Work light

18. Armless type ATC system[20T]

9. Alarm light

19. Mechanical oil &coolant separator

10. Portable Air gun

20. Central guided counterweight mechanism