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1988  Established “EQUIPTOP MACHINERY CO., LTD.” Specializing in developing high precision surface grinder.  

1990  Developed the ESG-618 & 818ASD series for 3 axis fully automatic surface grinder. Applied PC-CAD to upgrade mechanical design and development.

1992  Developed ESG-1228 & 1236 ASD series for 3 axis fully automatic surface grinder

1993  Developed ESG-1632 & 1640 ASD series for 3 axis fully automatic surface grinder.

1995  Developed ESG-1020 & 1224 ASD series for 3 axis fully automatic surface grinder.

Obtained CE-Mark certification from AMTRI CE in England.

1997  Developed the ESG-2448 to 2480, 3 axis fully automatic, digital positioning ADX series. This series features a downfeed jog movement providing just 0.5 m super microfeed for finer production finish.

         The column-type surface grinder, applies high anti-wear, heavy-duty preloaded, Hclass linear guideway.

1998  Awarded ISO 9002 certification by DNV of Netherlands.

1999  Invested in “NANJING EQUIPTOP PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD.” As a branch in China.

2000  Developed the ESG-3260 to 32120 of 3 axis fully automatic, smart digital positioning ADX SERIES. Received

CE-MARK certification from DNY.


2001  Awarded ISO 9000 Certification from the Bell Company.

Developed NC series, 3 axis fully automatic smart digital positioning grinder.

2002  Grand Opening of a new factory with a floor space of 13,000m2. Total Investment in this new headquarter was NT $ 160 million. Successfully developed new complex grinders, moving EQUIPTOP into the high tech field. Renamed the company as “EQUIPTOP HITECH CORP".

2003  Awarded publication 2000 ISO 9001 certification. Developed “ASD II” series, 3 axis, fully automatic digital positioning grinders. Developed “ACUMEM” super microfeed servo control and-wheel dressing & compensation system grinders. EMT-510,EMV-600 & EMV1100 have to  enter the market and quantity production. Develop & design the new type 1100/1200/1400.

2004  Established the branch in Wu His-Shuai Hung Precision Machinery LTD. To expand China market. Developed cantilever type ESG-6120~8300 ASDII series, 3 axis, fully automatic surface grinders. Finished & test new type vertical machining center 1100/1200/1400 series and enter the market in November.

2005  Obtained the prize of Taiwan Precision Product in manufacturing NC surface profile grinder. New type vertical machining center 1100/1200/1400 series mass production.

2006  Presented ETM-510APC auto pallet change drilling & tapping machining center and 1530~1550 series of

double column grinders.

2007  Became a member of FFG, a milestone management for EQUIPTOP.

2009  Presented moving column type 3 axes linear servo driven model series.

2010  Presented PLC control, man-machine interface, and touch screen TD series surface grinder.

2012  Developed moving column grinder, 600x1200~600x2000mm series.

2013  Execute rotary & square constitute, hydraulic spindle and guide rail program. Presented EMV-600APC auto pallet change. And hydrostatic technology high precision horizontal rotary grinders.

2016  Developed and officially listed ECG-CNC Cylindrical Ginder series.

           Innovation patented invention:

           1.Innovation surface grinding machine controller: Patent No.:1546161

           2.Innovation equal feeding speed control: Patent No.:M454893

           3.Innovation rotary & square constitute design: Patent No.:1508818 & M454892

           4.Innovation multi-sound alarm light structure: Patent No.:M486838

           2016 Create 1224-TD Plus Man-machine PLC controller.

           Publish ECG-27/ECG-36 CNC Cylindrical grinding machine with man-machine controller.

           Develop ERG-600 ERG-800 ERG-1000 CNC/PLC controller application.


2017  Presented at TIMTIOS, March 2017, 1224-TD Plus, EG-36 CNC and ERG-600CNC, with man-

            machine controller.The operation and application showed In an Industrial 4.0 demonstration line.

            Wining with honor: D&B TOP 1000 SMEs Elite Award

            The 14th National brand:Remarkable enterprise Yushan Award.

            Taichung city the 16th excellent SMEs Golden hand award.

            Republic of China prominent enterprise mangnagement association, the 18th golden peak award:

            Top 10 excellent business pioneer model.

            Republic of China prominent enterprise mangnagement association, the 18th golden peak award:

           Top 10 remarkable innovative research and developemnt.


2018  Golden torch prize: TD, ADC get Research and Innovation Award.

            Golden torch prize: TD, ADC have the honor to win best satisfaction from customer.