Model Unit ESG-818
Table Size L x W mm 203x460
Max.grinding length Longitudinal mm 480
Max.grinding width Crosswise mm 228
Table loading Max. loading KGS 202
Max. distance from table surface to spindle centerline   mm 460
Stadard magnetic chuck size   mm 200x450
Longitudinal movement of table Max. travel, hydraulic mm 480
Max. travel, manual mm 510,infinitelyvariable m/min 60HZ, 5-25m/min
50HZ, 5-20m/min
Cross transverse travel Auto transverse increment mm 0.5-10
Auto. Constant Feeding Speed mm/min 20-320
Max. auto transverse travel mm 235
Max. manual transverse travel mm 250
Handwheel per Revolution mm 5
Handwheel per Graduation mm 0.02
Wheelhead verticalin feed Automaticinfeed mm ASD: 0.001-0.4
ASDII: 0.001-0.1
Step feed (jog) mm -
Rapid travel, Approx mm/min -
Slow travel, Approx mm/min -
Handwheel revolution mm 1mm ASDII: Min. display value: 0.01mm (no elevating handwheel)
Handwheel graduation mm 0.005mm ASDII: Min. display value: 0.01mm (no elevating handwheel)
Grinding spidle drive Speed RPM 60HZ, 3450 R.P.M.
50HZ, 2850 R.P.M.
Power rating HP 2.0
Standard grinding wheel Diameter mm 203
Width mm Standard 12.7
Max 19
Bore mm 31.75
Hydraulic motor Power rating HP 1
Crossfeed motor Power rating W 40W
Elevating motor Power rating W -
Floor space Total space required mm 2992x2468x1733
Weights Net weight, Approx. KGS 1170
Gross weight, Approx. KGS 1340
Coolant system Power rating HP 1/8
Rated power, Approx Power rating HP 3.0
ASDII: 4.0
Packing dimensions LxWxH mm 1550x1530x1960