Travel Max. Travel Fox X Axis mm 510 510
Max. Travel Fox Y Axis mm 400 360
Max. Travel Fox Z Axis mm 450 450
Spindle Nose To Table mm 200-650 160-610
Spindle Spindle Speed rpm 8000; 10000(Optional)/12000(Optional)/15000(Optional)
ATC System Tool Q'ty Arm Type 20T Arm Type 20T
Max. Tool Diameter mm 65 65
Max. Tool Length mm 200 200
Max. Tool Weight kg 3 3
Tool Shank   BT30 BT30
Motor Mitsubishi/Fanuc kw(HP) 3.7
3.7, 5.5(Optional)
Mitsubishi/Fanuc kw 1.0/1.0/3.0
Table Table Size mm 600x360 (560x400)x2
Max. Table Capacity kg 250 200x2
T-slot(Center x Width x No.) mm 100x18x3 100x14x5
Feed Rate X Rapid Travel M/mm 48 Linear 48 Linear
Y Rapid Travel M/mm 48 Linear 48 Linear
Z Rapid Travel M/mm 48 Linear 48 Linear
Cutting Feed Rate mm/min 1-1000 1-1000
Controller Mitsubishi or Fanuc   M70/M80 or Oi-MF M70/M80 or Oi-MF
Other Machine Weight kg 2800 4300
Power Requirement KVA 10 15
Air Requirement kg/cm2 6 6
Coolant Water L 200 130

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc., to improve the performances of the machine without notice. All the specifications shown here are forreference only.




Convenient shelf for operator's equipment or work piece   Chips Wash down removal mechanism for quich cheaning   Convenient storage aera for operator's equipment   Air pressure counterweight mechanism to uplift for Z axis screw and motor
A simple but efficient removal mechanism can easily move the chips to rear side of the machine   Arm type ATC 20 tools: The fast, simple and long-life automatic tool changer provide stable and reiabe tool chang   The dynamic balancing instrument calibrates the spindle displacement. Velocity and acceleration of the full speed range   Turret type ATC 12 tools:Simplified magazine construction, safety,easy maintence and trouble-free operation
The full travel strok is inspected and compensated by laser measurement. The motion accuracy can be ensured            


Casting iron hardness checking to ensure the machines quality   The testing device monitors multiple points on the spindle form low speed to maximum spindle speed. The necessary test run is performed before installing it on the machines   Convenient sheet clip could clamp the docutments or records   The parts are inspected by 20 & 3D measuring device
After spindle assembly. The dynamatic balancing device calibrates the spindle vibration characteristic   High precision and premium quality Germany linear ways (optional) with wide blocks to resist wear, ensure high accuracy,excellent rigidity   The machine is equipped with an axis collision protection device which can absorb and reduce the collision force   Enlarged coolant tank capacity can take away generated chip heat quickly and chip remonal to chip box easy to clean



1. Chip auger

8. Port Air gun

2. Full enclosed guard

9. Z axis with Brake

3. Auto lubrication system

10. Portable flush gun

4. Levelling block &scerws

11. Rigid Tapping 

5. Tool box with tools

12. Crossfed Ballscrew

6. Work lamp

13. Electric box heat exchanger

7. Alam light

14. Armless type ATC system