> VMC850~1300 Series
The VMC box way series



Washing down system   The floating draw bar mechanism is applied. The tool unclamping force will not transmit to the spindle bearing This extends the spindle bearing service life   The full travel strok is inspected and compensated by laser measurement. The motion accuracy can be ensured   The Renishaw ball bar instrument calibrates the circularity and the geometrical accuracy to ensure precise three-dimensional motions



16 tools Armless type ATC Simplified magazine construction, safty, easy maintenance and trouble-free operation   Enlarge coolant tant capacity can take away generated chip heat quickly, Operator can remove the tank in front or a side to save the space   Convenient shelf for operator's equipment of work pieces   High efficient electrical control system to match CE standard ensure the safety for operator. The electrical box mounted with heat exchanger to constant temperature
High precision and premium quality Germany linear [optional] ways with wide blocks to resist wear. Ensure high accuracy,excellent rigidty   Pretension ssystem. Ensure high positioning accuracy and durability   Synchronous motion protection cover   A simple but efficient removal mechanism can easily convey the chips outside of the machine


1. Chip auger

8. Port Air gun

2. Full enclosed guard

9. Z axis with Brake

3. Auto lubrication system  8Port Air gun

10. Portable flush gun

4. Levelling block &scerws

11. Rigid Tapping

5. Tool box with tools

12. Crossfed Ballscrew

6. Work lamp

13. Electric box heat exchanger

7. Alam light

14. Armless type ATC system